Updated Preferred Provider Listing – Updated 5/15/24

The Innovation Partnership Preferred Provider (PP) Listing is offered as a courtesy to IPart, SBIR/STTR and federal funding assistance clients who are seeking the help of experienced grant-writing professionals.

The listing gives a brief description of the products and services which might be offered by the provider to clients as well as their technology focus/federal agency experience or specialization areas.

Each of the PPs in the listing understand how the IPart MicroGrant/MicroVoucher Programs
operate and have agreed to be a resource for our program clients.

These professionals should be contacted by IPart clients as early as possible, prior
to a federal solicitation deadline in order to secure services. All terms and conditions
for securing proposal assistance from the providers are negotiated directly between the client
and the Preferred Provider.  See the MicroVoucher Program Guidelines for specifics about
working with a Preferred Provider.

Preferred Provider Listing  Last Updated 5/15/24.