Helping Innovative Small Businesses in Pennsylvania Win Federal Funding.

The Innovation Partnership (IPart) is a statewide consortium of economic development, business assistance, and higher education organizations that provide early-stage technology companies with free proposal writing assistance, training, and financial assistance. The goal: Help Pennsylvania-based clients secure federal funding opportunities – Specifically, SBIR/STTR.

15 Years of Proven Results


Sbir Proposals Submitted

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  • Awards
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Sbir Award Value to Date

$0 Million

  • Phase I: $17.1M
  • Phase II: $18.2M
Travel & Training Awards
IPart Awards to Clients (MG/MV/FMA)







(Compared to National Avarage of between 14% - 17%)

The Power of Partnership

Success Stories

IPart is a tremendous asset to that entrepreneur who needs not only proposal funding but critical feedback for devising a winning SBIR proposal!

- Jorgen Penderson, RE 2 Robotics

The SBIR process is very challenging. IPart assistance can be invaluable to a vast majority of tech companies looking to submit well-prepared proposals for SBIR/STTR funding.

- Liz Brensinger, Green Heron Tools

It’s great that Pennsylvania has a program like the Innovation Partnership. It helps technology companies with the SBIR process and win these very important grant awards to move their companies forward.

- Bo Liang, Adesso Advanced Materials Inc.

The programs, assistance and advice the IPart provides helped us significantly in our proposal improvement and to ultimately win a Phase I STTR from the NSF.

- Kamrun Nahar, Impulse Technology

IPart’s peer review and funding for grant-writing assistance were extremely helpful in strengthening our federal submission and winning the award.

Jamin Steffen, Hepron Molecular Lab, Inc.

IPart’s pre-review technical feedback, demand for early proposal preparation, and Travel & Training funding greatly benefitted our company’s ability to secure the SBIR grant funding.

-Surbhi Jain, JBS Science Inc.

The IPart’s $3,000 MicroVoucher for grant-writing assistance is very helpful for the technology companies applying for these federal grants – while it seems like a small amount – we can use all of the help we can get.

Matt Handle, Skyran Biologics, Inc.

I think the IPART program is a vital component of the startup ecosystem in the Pittsburgh area. It provides an opportunity for non-academics and academics with limited grant writing experience to construct competitive federal grants to secure seed funding.

- Sanna Gaspard, Rubitection

Solicitations dates

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Agency/ProgramRelease DateOpen DateClose DateIPart Deadline
NIH/CDC SBIR Contract PHS-2019-1 Jun 29, 2018Jul 18, 2018Oct 17, 2018Wed, Sep 19, 2018
DoD SBIR 18.3 & STTR 18.C BAA Aug 24, 2018
Sep 24, 2018Oct 24, 2018 8pmWed, Sep 26, 2018
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/NIFA
SBIR Phase I
Jul 23, 2018Jul 23, 2018Oct 25, 2018Thr, Sep 27, 2018
HHS Omnibus (NIH)
Clinical Trails not allowed:
PA-18-574 PHS 2018-02 SBIR-NIH, CDC & FDA
PA-18-575 PHS 2018-02 STTR-NIH
Clinical Trials allowed:
PA-18-573 PHS 2018-02 SBIR-NIH
PA-18-576 PHS 2018-02 STTR-NIH
Jan 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018Jan 7, 2019

Apr 5, 2019
Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Fri, Mar 8, 2019
Aug 9,2018Sep 12, 2018
Concept Paper Due
DOE FY2019 SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 1 FOA
DOE FY2019 SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 2 FOA
(Yet to be Released)

Aug 13, 2018
Nov 26, 2018
Sep 4, 2018 LOI Due
Dec 17, 2018 LOI Due
Oct 15, 2018

Feb 4, 2019
Mon, Sept 17, 2018

Mon, Jan 7, 2019
National Science Foundation (NSF)
SBIR NSF 18-593
& STTR NSF 18-592
Sep 12, 2018Sep 12, 2018Dec 4, 2018 Tues, Nov 6, 2018