Solicitation Announcement

National Science Foundation (NSF) – SBIR Solicitation Announcement

NSF has released their SBIR Solicitation  – NSF 10-546

Please follow the above link to go directly to the solicitation.  You may also access the solicitation in other formats HERE .

Deadline for Federal Submission:  June 9, 2010 (due by 5 p.m. proposer’s local time)

IPart Deadline for Pre-Proposal Submission is Wed. May 12, 2010.

Briefly, the topics are (please rely on actual solicitation for information and detailed descriptions):

Successful proposers will conduct Research and Development (R&D) on projects that:

  1. Provide evidence of a commercially viable product, process, device, or system, and/or
  2. Meet an important social or economic need.

Projects should have the following:

  • High potential commercial payback, and
  • High-risk efforts.

Projects may also address:

  • Research tools which meet significant commercial market needs, or,
  • Applications that result in multipurpose commercially viable functions.

For more in-depth program information please reference the following web site:


Award Information

Anticipated Type of Award:  Fixed Amount Awards
Estimated Number of Awards:    200 to  300   (pending availability of funds).
Anticipated Funding Amount:   $45,000,000  for SBIR Phase I (pending the availability of funds).