Solicitation Announcement

DoT Phase I SBIR Solicitation Release

The Department of Transportation (DoT) has released their SBIR Solicitation.

Deadline for Submission is September 23, 2013 – 11:59 P.M. EDT. 

DoT is seeking innovative research proposals in the six research topics listed below.

Applications must specify a single topic:

  • Development of Innovative Welding for High Performance Bridge Steel
  • Game-based Technology and Database to Train Pre-Drivers, Young Drivers, and Older Drivers to Detect Traffic Hazards and Respond Appropriately
  • Affiliation Strength/Risk Model Development for Motor Carrier Succession
  • Pipeline Integrity Assessment Using In-Line Inspection
  • Modeling Cathodic Protection Penetration on New Construction Pipelines Incorporating All Types of “Foam” Sack Breakers and Supports
  • Develop and Demonstrate New Non-Destructive Evaluation Methods to Quantify Remaining Strength of Line Pipe Steel and/or Pipeline Fittings. 

Detailed descriptions of these research topics are included in the solicitation which can be accessed HERE.

  • Phase I projects may have budgets up to $150,000.  
  • Phase I awardees are legible to apply for Phase II awards of up to $1,000,000.

Technical questions pertaining to the FY13.2 USDOT SBIR solicitation research topics must be submitted to the USDOT SBIR Program Office Point of Contact, Linda Duck, All questions must be submitted by email.

Please note technical questions will be accepted through September 16, 2013.

Questions received after September 16, 2013 but before the solicitation close date and time, may not be answered before the solicitation closes.

The USDOT SBIR Program Office will submit all technical questions to the research topic authors for response. Answers will be posted in the Current Solicitation section of the USDOT SBIR Program website: