SBIR/STTR Federal Registration Change Coming

DUNS # to be Replaced with SAMMI

Depending upon which of the 11 federal agencies offering SBIRs & STTRs you are planning
to submit a proposed project to, all require pre-registrations an advance of your actual
federal proposal submission.  Please see a handy guide HERE.

With that in mind – The Federal government will soon begin issuing a new number, referred to as SAMMI, to replace DUNS numbers. The transition is expected to take over a year to complete, but might impact your current registrations.

Keep an eye out for emails from SAM (if you are already registered) or other entities with email addresses ending in ‘.gov’ for updates. You should only be attending to emails from ‘.gov’ addresses, as there are MANY companies and organizations out there, attempting to charge you for registering or registration renewals.  Actual federal registrations or renewals are FREE.

You should be diligent in ensuring that you are not sharing your personal information and login credentials with non-governmental entities.  Double check the validity of the website, sender and/or email request before entering any personal information into online forms.  IPart has assisted a number of clients in determining the validity of email requests for resgistration renewals or personal information.  BE ALERT!  There are many scams related to the government registration process.