Recent Federal Awardees-As of 6/30/09

The Partnership conducts a semi-annual survey of all clients receiving a free pre-proposal technical review through the IPart.  Reported Federal Funding Results are listed in the table below.  Clients were surveyed who received assistance up to the end of the 08-09 FY (June 30, 2009).

The following companies have reported receiving awards from Federal Agencies for their SBIR/STTR Proposals:





Company Info.

Advanced Neural Dynamics, Inc.          
Doylestown        NIH $500,000           Advanced Neural Dynamics Inc is a start-up drug discovery company that intends to design and develop antiepileptic compounds that are neuroprotective. The focus of the company is to use neuroprotection in brain cultures as a screening mechanism for novel compounds and then to proceed to animal testing for antiseizure activity.
Bashpole, Inc.
Philadelphia      DoD $98,999 Bashpole Inc. is a software engineering development and consulting company that facilitates “Business in Person”™ through the development and commercialization of interactive online search, coordination, and advertising technologies that create and deepen business relationships for private and government clients.
Enantigen Therapeutics
Doylestown     NIH $282,000 Enantigen Therapeutics, Inc., located at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, is an innovative pharmaceutical company striving for excellence in the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs to treat life threatening infectious diseases. The primary focus is on the development of oral therapeutics for the treatment of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), and other viral related diseases.
nanoGriptech LLC



$150,000$100,000 nanoGriptech LLC is a startup company, formed by Dr. Metin Sitti on Jan. 12, 2009 to commercialize the bio-inspired fiber adhesives technology that he has been developing in his NanoRobotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University.nanoGriptech is partnering with Bayer MaterialScience LLC for materials development, MSA Safety Company for facemask sealant adhesives applications, and Under Armour Inc. for sports clothing, gloves and footwear gripping materials applications.

Polymer Phases, Inc.
Oreland     NSF $100,100 Polymer Phases, Inc. (PPI) is a Pennsylvania start-up company developing innovative manufacturing and processing techniques to produce biodegradable polymers derived solely from renewable resources. Polymer Phases’ unique materials will replace conventional petrochemical-based polymers, and, in certain applications, will eliminate the use of expensive and potentially toxic cross-linkers. Its products have potential applications in disposable, biodegradable foam articles, insulation foams, bottles, personal care products, plastic wares, packaging, coatings, plasticizers, and film. PPI’s lead technology is a polyester derived from renewable materials.

R&D Green Materials, LLC
Merion Station     NSF $500,000 R&D Green Materials, LLC was established in 2004 as a small, woman-owned business, and has been operating in Pennsylvania since 2006.  The company’s mission is to develop unique processes and technologies to meet the needs of customers wanting biodegradable plastic products.

WavesinSolids LLC
State College     NSF $100,000 WavesinSolids LLC (WinS), offers traditional nondestructive testing and advanced long range ultrasound and acoustic emission inspection products and services for the railroad, petrochemical, oil and natural gas, defense, aerospace, power generation and marine industries. Our field technicians provide professional Nondestructive Testing Services and follow-up technical reports that are clearly written and easy-to-interpret. Our engineers and scientists are actively engaged at the highest level of Research and Development to ensure that our clients receive tomorrow’s technology today. The company was created in 2003.