Pression LLC Awarded $5k MV for PHI SBIR Submission to NIH


Pression LLC was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in a newly constructed 2,260 ft2 office/R&D space in Coatesville, PA. Pression’s mission is focused on developing non-invasive, wearable, and smart compression technologies for medical therapies addressing disease states that impact the circulatory system, thereby improving quality of life. Pression’s patented technology couples a novel timing algorithm with rapid actuation delivering compressions to the lower limbs, promoting enhanced blood flow non-invasively in synchrony with the patient’s heart. Pression’s technology has been rigorously tested in the laboratory and we are currently developing our first commercial solution, the Pression Wave PRO, which will be indicated for chronic stable angina (CSA), pending FDA 510(k) clearance. The proposed grant will fund the development of the next generation of portable calf compression system initially indicated for heart failure, but scalable to other indications in additional markets.

Pression develops non-invasive, wearable, and smart compression devices that address disease states impacting the circulatory system. Our market entry device, the Wave PRO, utilizes the patient’s cardiac cycle information to deliver compressions to the calves to enhance circulation. For our initial target indication, Chronic Stable Angina, compression increases flow through the coronary arteries and provides angina relief. Their anticipated SBIR Phase I funding will be used to prototype a completely new compression device utilizing an electrically-driven strap-based compression mechanism that will help enhance portability, moving away from pneumatic actuation which all current systems on the market rely.

Pennsylvania’s Innovation Partnership (IPart) is supported by an SBA FAST Award & the financial and staff counseling contributions of our IPart Partner Organizations.  Pression LLC. received IPart’s FREE, Pre-Proposal Technical Review to assist in refining their proposal and was also awarded a $5k MicroVoucher to work with one of IPart’s Pre-Approved, SBIR/STTR Grant Assistance Providers,  Pression LLC was assisted by Preferred Provider: