NSF Announces New Supplemental Funding Program for Allowable Patent Expenses (APEX)

Posted 6/3/21

National Science Foundation (NSF) Partnerships for Innovation program has announced a new Allowable Patent Expenses (APEX) supplement to support qualified university patent expenses.


(excerpt) …..This supplement is intended to assist current PFI grantees in their technology commercialization efforts. Specifically, the APEX supplement enables awardees to: a) defray internal costs incurred by their technology transfer office (TTO) during the evaluation and protection of intellectual property reduced to practice with PFI funding; or b) secure the services of one or more third-party service providers to assist in the evaluation and protection of the intellectual property. Filling expenses of both provisional and non-provisional patents are appropriate for this supplement.

Read the Dear Colleague Letter and learn more about this supplemental funding opportunity, its intent, goals eligibility, award amount, etc. HERE


Supplemental funding requests may be submitted at any time. However, a target date of June 15, 2021 is requested for consideration of FY 2021 funding.

All supplemental funding requests will be internally reviewed by the cognizant PFI Program Officer.


Jesus Soriano, Program Director,; (703) 292-7795
Katie Bratlie, Program Director,; (703) 292-2638