Federal Marketing Assistance (FMA) Program

The FMA program is the IPart’s Phase II assistance program. It directly parallels the MicroGrant/MicroVoucher Phase I assistance programs, however, the Pre-Proposal Application affords a greater emphasis on the Commercialization Section which is also a larger component of Phase II federal proposals.

To be eligible for FMA Programs assistance consideration, a client must have submitted at least one successful Phase I federal proposal that received a funding award. Fast Track applicants do not qualify for the FMA Program. The planned Phase II submission must build upon and be directly related to the successful Phase I project.

  • All applicants to the FMA Program Applicants must be located in Pennsylvania, and include: sole-proprietorships, limited partnerships (LP), limited liability companies (LLC), S-Corp., C-Corp., and university-based research teams. The applicant must be a formal company.
  • All FMA applicants must be planning to execute a majority of their Phase II project work at a location in Pennsylvania. If more than 50% of the project will be executed by individuals or entities outside of PA, the client does not qualify for IPart assistance.
  • Subsequent primary manufacture or production of commercial products resulting from the proposal is planned to take place within the same general geographic area.
  • Applicants must have worked with an IPart Member Organization or the IPart Director and have completed and received a Pre-Proposal Application Program (PPAP) Review.
  • Applicants who accept this offer of assistance associated with the preparation of their federal Phase II proposal are required to provide an equivalent investment, either in the form of cash or in-kind contribution.

For more specific details about the FMA Program, application, deadlines and potential funding assistance, please contact Innovation Partners Sponsor Contacts or IPart Director (717)948-4318