IPart Programs Update! – Changes to MG/MV/FMA Award Limits

Please note the following changes have been made to the MicroGrant/MicroVoucher and Federal Marketing Assistance Award Limits:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants, including: sole-proprietorships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and university-based research teams, must be located in Pennsylvania.
  • Subsequent primary manufacture or production of commercial products resulting from the proposal is planned to take place within the same general geographic area.
  • Applicants must meet the requirements set forth in the applicable federal agency solicitation and demonstrate reasonable capability to complete the work outlined in the project.
  • Applicants who accept an offer of assistance with the cost of preparing their federal proposal are required to provide an equivalent investment, either in the form of cash or in-kind contribution.

Award & Application Limits

  • A single applicant may submit no more than five (5) applications to either the MicroGrant/MicroVoucher/FMA (Federal Marketing Assistance Program: Phase II Assistance Program – client MUST ask IPart Sponsor Partner to participate in this program) per calendar year, and no more than three (3) MicroVoucher and/or MicroGrant and/or FMA awards (combined) will be made to a single applicant per calendar year;
  • Additionally any individual or company whether with one single company or with multiple companies, may be awarded no more than $20,000 in total support through the IPart MicroGrant/Micro-Voucher/Federal Marketing Assistance and Travel &Training Programs, combined for the lifetime of their program usage;
  • Clients who reach the $20,000 award limit, may continue to utilize the IPart’s Pre-Proposal Assistance technical review while continuing to adhere to the submission limits noted previously.

    Program Guidelines:

Changes Made to MicroGrant (MG), MicroVoucher (MV), and Federal Marketing Assistance (FMA) Awardee Reimbursement Instructions

For convenience, we have decided to allow IPart Award Recipients to submit their reimbursement materials electronically.

Reimbursement Packet Materials are e-mailed out to each IPart Award Recipient upon the decision of the Funding Committee by Lytmos GROUP, Inc. All documentation necessary to receive the IPart award is contained in and attached to these e-mails.

The changes made to MG, MV and FMA reimbursement documents indicates that the client may submit their reimbursement packet to Kelly S. Wylam in totality, electronically, as long as all attachments are fully legible. If any attachments are illegible, the packet will need to be mailed conventionally, as was standard operating procedure.

Packets may not be submitted partially in electronic form and partially via conventional mail.

Processing and payment will only occur if COMPLETE packets are submitted via either means.

All agreements must be signed and dated and scanned into a PDF format for processing/payment if submitted electronically.