HeyKiddo, LLC Awarded IPart FMA for PHII SBIR Proposal Submission to NSF

November 2022

HeyKiddo™, LLC is a seed-stage, woman-owned company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The company officially incorporated in 2020 and provides solutions
that help parents and caretakers anticipate, detect and address mental, social and/or emotional problems in their kiddos.

After years of research – funded in part by a National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR PHI Grant – we learned that parents need ways to find the right words to evoke powerful conversations with their kiddos. Big feelings can be addressed with the right questions asked by people kids trust the most. HeyKiddo™ provides quick, easy-to-implement ideas that work well in the car, classroom or around the dinner table. That’s how HeyKiddo™ was born and why we know it works– we’ve seen it first-hand!

The idea behind our products is simple: We want to empower parents, caretakers and educators with tools to help kids discover their potential and feel better; one week at a time. Word-by-word, activity-by-activity, we’ve seen the building blocks of what happens when families and classrooms invest in resilience, empathy, and the power of storytelling.

HeyKiddo™ gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to help develop fundamental social-emotional skills. In less than 15 minutes each day, our solutions create a positive, lifelong impact.  Read more about their current solutions HeyKiddo Talk & HeyKiddo Huddle by clicking on the links.

The company’s PHII SBIR Proposal to the NSF is focused on furthering their key technology objectives – continuing to enhance the app, helping parents learn evidence-based techniques for building social, emotional, and mental health skills in themselves and their children. These app enhancements will use ongoing assessments, helping parents identify trends in their child’s behaviors/skills and with their combined interactions. This assessment process will be the foundation of a hybrid, machine learning solution driven by a rules engine, predefined by subject matter experts, and capable of producing tailored parent coaching pathways -continuously evaluated and enhanced, based on user data.

Pennsylvania’s Innovation Partnership (IPart) is supported by an SBA FAST Award & the financial and staff counseling contributions of our IPart Partner Organizations.  HeyKiddo™. received IPart’s FREE, Federal Marketing Assistance (FMA) Pre-Proposal Technical Review to assist in refining their PHASE II proposal and was also awarded a $8k FMA Award to work with one of IPart’s Pre-Approved, SBIR/STTR Grant Assistance Providers,  HeyKiddo™ was assisted by Preferred Provider: