FY23 ED/IES SBIR Program Solicitation – Now Open


The US Department of Education and Institute of Education Sciences’ Small Business Innovation Research Program (ED/IES SBIR) provides seed funding to for-profit small businesses and partners to develop and evaluate new education technology products.

On January 12, 2023, ED/IES SBIR released three FY23 solicitations: Phase IA, Phase IB, and a Direct to PhII.

  • Phase IA solicitation #91990023R0001 is a request for proposals for $250,000 awards for 8-months for the research and development (R&D) and evaluation of prototypes of entirely new education technology products where no or limited previous technological development has occurred. The goal of the Phase IA track is to stimulate novel approaches to solve pressing problems in education.
  • Phase IB solicitation #91990022R0011 is a request for proposals for $250,000 awards for 8-months for R&D and evaluation of prototypes of a new component to be added to an existing education technology prototype or product. The goal of the Phase IB track is to strengthen existing research-based prototypes or products in addressing pressing problems in education.
  • Direct to Phase II solicitation #91990022R0012 is a request for proposals for $1,000,000 for 2-years for R&D and evaluation of new education technology products to ready existing researcher-developed evidence-based innovations (products, interventions, practices) for use at scale, and to plan for commercialization. The existing education innovation is required to have originally been created by researchers at either universities (or other academic institutions) or non-profit education research organizations. Direct to Phase II projects are awarded without a prior Phase I award.
    **Innovation Partnership (IPart) does NOT provide proposal assistance for Direct to PHII applicants.

Additional Information:

  • Each solicitation is posted on and can be downloaded from the above website pages. The link to the solicitations are each located below the “History” section near the bottom of the website pages.
  • Information on the 2023 program priority area, on program eligibility requirements, and other important specifications is provided within each solicitation.
  • Multiple proposals for projects to develop the same or a similar version of a new education technology product under either or both Phase I and the Direct to Phase II solicitation are not permitted.
  • The submission deadline for proposals under each solicitation is: March 13, 2023 at 11 A.M. Eastern Time.

PLEASE NOTE:  ED/IES SBIR Program Manager, Edward Metz, and other government officials are not permitted to address questions or provide technical assistance to applicants during the period of time after the release of the solicitations and before awards are made.