FY-2013A DoD STTR Solicitation Partnering Project

Please go to the following link to find out more about DoD STTR Partnering Project and search for a potential partner:

About the DoD STTR FY-2013 STTR Solicitation: This solicitation was released on January 25, will start accepting proposals on February 25 with a due date of March 27, 2013. Complete details of the solicitation are available on the DoD web site at

Purpose of this project: To help you find a partner for one or more DoD FY-13A STTR topics. Small businesses, universities, Federally Funded R&D Centers (FFRDCs), and other non-profit research institutions can easily select topics to let potential partners know of their interest in specific DoD FY-2013.A STTR topics.


  • Universities, FFRDCs, non-profit research entities and small businesses can fill out a form and select STTR topics of partnering interest.
  • A database will be created from these registrations (and updated daily) that associates the topics with the interested organizations as described above.
  • Interested parties can view the topic database to see what organizations may be interested in partnering on specific topics.
  • Participating organization’s contact information will be presented on a topic by topic basis as a result of the search.
  • The contact information will be removed from the web site at the conclusion of the STTR submission period.
  • Your submissions can be easily removed by sending us a confirming email

You will need to follow this link to actually select your topic area, search partners and read more about this great opportunity: