DOD – Department of Navy’s Out of Cycle BAA – Direct to PhII Opportunity

The DOD’s Department of Navy’s (DON) Accelerated Delivery & Acquisition of Prototype Technologies (ADAPT) is a new approach to engage non-traditional technology solution providers with Naval needs. DON is offering an out-of-cycle, Direct to Phase II, Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for ADAPT to address six topics (see below) from the naval ship building community. These are Direct to Phase II awards! Proposals are due May 13, 2019 at 2:00PM EST.

Link to the DON’s ADAPT BAA SBIR X19.1 is located HERE .

Some Important Highlights from the X19.1 Opportunity:

The DON ADAPT SBIR BAA: (this/the BAA) will deviate significantly from previous DP2 BAAs conducted by DoD and DON. The process for demonstrating eligibility for submission of DP2 proposals will be called “Proof of Feasibility” (POF) and the documents required for demonstrating the POF a “Proof of Feasibility Submission” (POFS). There will be an initial open period where any SBIR eligible firm may submit a POFS for evaluation. The government will evaluate the POFS and notify the firms of the results: − either the submitted POFS satisfied the POF criteria under the topic or it did not. All firms whose POFS were determined to have met the criteria for POF will be allowed to submit a DP2 proposal. Both POFS and DP2 proposals will be more compact versions of the data typically received under DoD/DON SBIR BAAs to minimize the time and effort required for preparation and review by the firms and government as well as expenses incurred in the process. The DP2 proposal will be evaluated against the criteria listed in the BAA. Email notices of selection/non-selection for funding agreement award will be sent to all those submitting DP2 proposals. Accelerated timelines are being expected for evaluation of POFS and DP2 proposals as well as award of funding agreements under the BAA.

Number of Awards:  There is no limit to the number of POFSs submitted or the number of SBCs eligible to submit DP2 proposals. It is estimated the government will award two funding agreements per topic under this BAA. This BAA is not an offer by the government and does not obligate the government to make any specific number of awards. Also, awards under the SBIR Program are contingent upon the availability of funds.

NAVY SBIR X19.1 Topic Index

X19-001 Compact Inflatable Structures for Submerged Payload Launch & Recovery
NX19-002 On Demand Structures – Submarine Launch of UUVs
NX19-003 Flow Conditioning for Improved Piping Arrangement
NX19-004 Quiet Bunks
NX19-005 Cool Suits
NX19-006 High Power Compact Fuel Cell System

Timing of Awards:  The current planned timeline for this pilot BAA is based on using an accelerated process for all facets of execution. The government will make its best efforts to adhere to this schedule. Any delay in this schedule shall not entitle any SBC to make any claim against the government.

Based on a BAA closing date for the submission of POFSs, the schedule is as follows:

Submission of POFSs Due Date 1)      May 13, 2019
Notice of POFS Determination and DP2 Eligibility Status 2)      May 28, 2019
DP2 Proposal Due Date 3)      June 11, 2019
Notice of Selection for DP2 Award 4)      June 25, 2019
DP2 Award* 5)      August 12, 2019

* Topics requiring Human Subject Testing likely will not meet this target if the SBC does not have existing Institutional Review Board protocols in place.

SITIS Q&A System:  Once DoD begins accepting POFSs on April 12, 2019, no further direct contact between proposers and topic authors is allowed, unless the Topic Author is responding to a question submitted during the Pre-Release period.  However, proposers may submit written questions through SITIS at .  In SITIS, the questioner and respondent remain anonymous and all questions and answers are posted electronically for general viewing.  Answers are generally posted within seven working days of question submission.  (Answers will also be e-mailed directly to the inquirer when the inquirer provides an e-mail address.) SITIS will open for the submission of questions on March 20, 2019 and will close for submission of questions on April 26, 2019. Proposing firms are advised to monitor SITIS during the BAA period for questions and answers.  Proposing firms should also frequently check the SBIR/STTR Portal for any updates and amendments to the topics.

Questions Concerning Electronic Submission or Registrations: For questions or assistance with submitting POFSs or DP2 proposals or registration requirements, please call the DoD SBIR/STTR Help Desk at 1-800-348-0787 or send email to .

IPart does not provide formal program assistance with any Direct to Phase II opportunities at this time.