Consegna Pharma Wins PhI & PhII NIH SBIR Awards

IPart has assisted Consegna Pharma Inc. with a number of their SBIR proposals.  This year (2023), Consegna was successful in winning a PhI SBIR from NIH for $326,500 and a PhII, also from NIH for $2,550,000.

Consegna is a specialty pharmaceutical company that reformulates known, safe drugs and creates long-acting injectable (LAI) medications with improved clinical and economic benefits. These long-acting drug formulations enable a single administration to provide a therapeutic effect ranging from several days to many weeks or months. Our product pipeline focuses on therapeutic areas with high non-adherence, or where LAIs can solve specific drug delivery challenges. Using our Computational Drug Delivery™ technology, we can design LAIs much faster than the legacy practice and with reduced regulatory and technical risk. We take advantage of the accelerated 505(b)(2) FDA regulatory pathway by focusing on off-patent medications.

Consegna Pharma used IPart Preferred Provider BBC Etc. as the IPart MicroVoucher Consultant for their PhI proposal submission and Brooks Consulting for their PhII IPart FMA.

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