Client Spotlight: Y-Carbon

Y-Carbon, Inc. – King of Prussia, PA

Has successfully been awarded 3 MicroVouchers from the IPart to assist with the proposal preparation and has recently been awarded funding from NSF and DoD to Develop High Energy Supercapacitors.  You can read more about these recent awards here.

You can also read about Technology Review Magazine’s recognition of Y-Carbon’s co-founder, Dr. Ranjan Dash with the prestigious TR35 award here.

Y-Carbon is a materials science company which has obtained broad and exclusive rights to intellectual property in the field of carbide derived carbon (CDC), which is an innovative “tuneable” nano-porous, high specific surface area material invented by Prof. Gogotsi’s team in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University. Y-Carbon, Inc. maintains corporate headquarters and research labs in King of Prussia, PA.Y-Carbon’s products provide the world with clean energy, safe drinking water and improved health care.