Central Contractor Registry (CCR) as well as the Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA) – Now SAM!

The Central Contractor Registry (CCR) as well as the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) web sites and facilities have been superseded by the federal government’s new omnibus system, the:

System for Award Management (SAM)

Until yesterday, July 30, 2012, you couldn’t receive an SBIR/STTR award unless you were registered in the CCR database. From now on it becomes the SAM, located at

This is also true for Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) which is now closed.

SAM incorporates many of the government’s databases into one, and that includes CCR and ORCA, although they no longer referred to as such.

If your company was current in the CCR; that information has been ported over to SAM.  The same is not true for ORCA. As reported by Rick Shindell, at this time, companies will need to update their Representations and Certifications on ORCA.

SAM is currently seeing very heavy traffic by users, because most government contracting programs will use this system, so expect it to be sloooow. Mr Shindell also advises waiting a week or two until you try to access the new system.

You cannot use your old account from CCR in SAM!

You will have to create an account (for most of us it will be a user account). In SAM terms your company is an “Entity” and you are an “Entity User”.

If your company was current in the CCR, go to and create an individual user account (this information is separate from your company’s “entity account” but if done properly will allow you to access your company’s data).

When you create your user account, you will be asked “Would you like to migrate a legacy system account?” If the email address used in your CCR record is the same as the one in your user account, the transition will be easy, otherwise you will need to justify the difference in the email addresses.

Hit the “Yes” button to open the migrate a legacy system account, window then select the CCR before you do any others. The system will step you through the process. Then you can go in and make any changes. However, it appears that you’ll want to go to the Representations and Certifications tab and update that data as well. Make sure you have your data handy.

Also, if your company was registered in CCR but reached its expiration date…. get into SAM quickly and make the updates.