BioStrategy Partners – April 16: Practical Knowledge Series Webinar

“Hidden” Resources – Tax Credits, Foundations, and Other Lesser-Known Means of Advancing Your Life Sciences Technology

Date And Time: Fri, April 16, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Practical Knowledge Series (PKS)

Practical Knowledge Series is a monthly forum for bringing content-area experts together with members of the academic, technology transfer, and entrepreneurial communities to share information, experience and insights on topics related to commercialization of life sciences technologies. It is hosted virtually, or at a member institution  with remote tie-in to partnering sites. Sponsorship of the PKS includes MVM AssociatesCaesar RiviseUniversity Place AssociatesSilverstein Properties and Cantor Fitzgerald.

View the library of recorded PKS sessions on the BioStrategy Partners’ YouTube channel.

About BioStrategy Partners

BioStrategy Partners, Inc. (BioSP) is a 501c3 nonprofit consortium of academic medical centers and research institutes committed to the development and transfer of academic research into the marketplace.

BioSP develops and offers programs and services to foster industry-academic collaboration, aid technology development and commercialization, and contribute to the ongoing education of faculty and graduate students about the commercialization and technology transfer processes.

Together, BioSP’s members conduct 1.6B in annual research that generates more than 400 discoveries per year.