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The Innovation Partnership (IPart) offers assistance to technology-driven companies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in preparing high quality SBIR/STTR grant proposals for submission to federal funding agencies.

This program offers a no-cost opportunity to receive valuable feedback from professional reviewers on planned Phase I proposal concepts.

Further financial support is offered to those applicants receiving an IPart Pre-Proposal Assistance Review and submitting appropriate reimbursement documentation. Candidates may be awarded a Travel & Training award that reimburses one-half of the cost incurred in with up to a maximum of $1,000 being awarded for travel & training expenses directly related to their SBIR/STTR endeavors.

All proposal concepts under review are fully protected by non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality of proprietary information.

Industry Focus

The Innovation Partnership (IPart) offers assistance to technology-driven companies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in preparing high quality SBIR/STTR grant proposals for submission to federal funding agencies.

Ipart’s mission is consistent with other initiatives in the Commonwealth designed to grow the industry and technology sectors that are expected to drive Pennsylvania’s future economy.

The Partnership is particularly interested in supporting businesses that show early signs of commercial success in the following sectors:

  • Clean energy & energy-related
  • Bioscience/life sciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Communications technology

Award Amount

Companies who have received their Pre-Proposal Application Program (PPAP) Review may apply for up to $1,000 reimbursement for Travel & Training associated with the preparation of their federal proposal.

Use of Funds

Travel & Training Program funding may be used to pay the following costs:

  • Visit the federal agency, federal program manager or laboratory potentially sponsoring the technology and related to a federal funding opportunity
  • Attend state, regional or national SBIR/STTR conferences
  • Attend training relative to subject matter areas such as SBIR/STTR or federal funding programs; writing a winning proposal; management tactics for after the award; how to commercialize technologies; and working with federal funding agencies
  • Attend other training sessions as believed to provide client value by IPart
  • Non-domestic travel and related expenses are NOT allowable under this program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be located in Pennsylvania, and include: sole-proprietorships, limited partnerships (LP), limited liability companies (LLC), S-Corp., C-Corp., and university-based research teams.
  • Subsequent primary manufacture or production of commercial products resulting from the proposal is planned to take place within the same general geographic area.
  • Applicants must have worked with an IPart Member Organization and have completed and received a Pre-Proposal Application Program (PPAP) Review.
  • Applicants who accept this offer of assistance with travel and training associated with the preparation of their federal proposal are required to provide an equivalent investment, either in the form of cash or in-kind contribution.
  • Non-domestic travel and related expenses, regardless of its direct relationship to the SBIR/STTR proposal being submitted for federal funding, will NOT be reimbursable under the Travel & Training Program.  

Application Limits

  • A single applicant may submit no more than two (2) applications to the Travel & Training Program per calendar year. Federal Marketing Assistance (FMA) Program Awardees are ineligible for this program;
  • Additionally any individual or company whether with one single company or with multiple companies, may be awarded no more than $20,000 in total support through the IPart MicroGrant/Micro-Voucher/Federal Marketing Assistance and Travel & Training Programs, combined for the lifetime of their program usage;
  • Clients who reach the $20,000 award limit, may continue to utilize the IPart’s Pre-Proposal Assistance technical review while continuing to adhere to the submission limits noted previously.

Terms of Participation

Program participants agree to comply with the following responsibilities:

  • Provide IPart with a completed Travel and Training Reimbursement Application
  • Provide IPart with the itemized costs associated with the above activities.
  • Provide IPart with copies of all receipts associated with allowable travel.
  • Provide IPart with copies of applicable Training Announcement, description(s) and an Agenda for the attended sessions
  • If financial assistance is offered and accepted, both parties will sign a written agreement that defines the terms and conditions for the award.
  • Promote the successful pursuit of federal funding among other small high-technology firms in the region. Participate in good faith as requested by IPart in activities designed to encourage others in the region to pursue similar federal funding. This participation may include serving as a speaker or panel discussion member at an organized event or providing interviews for published informational or instructional materials.
  • Report economic impact data (jobs, sales, investment) to IPart upon the completion of the project and then annually for a period of 3 years. This information will only be used in aggregate form by IPart – confidentiality of data by individual respondent will be protected.

Application Deadline

Travel & Training-related expenditures may be incurred 6 months in advance of the federal agency’s solicitation due date or 6 months after. Applications for reimbursement for expenditures from up to 6 months prior to PPAP submission will not receive reimbursement until after the PPAP review is completed by the Funding Committee. All Travel & Training Program Applications should be submitted after client’s receipt of its PPAP review. Applications received outside the above parameters will be addressed on a case- by-case basis. Applications are reviewed and awarded on a first-received basis.

The Review Process

IPart Administrator will review, approve, or decline all Travel and Training Reimbursement Applications


Applicants are notified via e-mail of funding decisions.

Travel & Training Fund Disbursement

Innovation Partnership will release funds to the client after IPart approval of completed Travel & Training Application submittal per previous instructions.

How to Apply

For additional information about this program or other supporting federal funding for technology development, contact one of the Innovation Partnership member organizations.

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